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Regret-Proof Your Business

Dec 19, 2022

Tiffany Castagno is CEO & Founder of CEPHR, LLC, a Human Resources Consulting Firm
that supports Small to Mid-sized Businesses to build their infrastructures-to-scale, strong
teams, and a strong Employer Brand and Culture.

Plan to be inspired by Tiffany's energy and beautiful sharing of her story of starting her solo practice in the HR Field.  I got to know Tiffany through my network and loved her openness, integrity and insights from the start.  Plan to be inspired and encouraged hearing how she created more and more self trust as she opened her practice.  

Throughout her 14-year HR career, Tiffany has supported organizations of all sizes and
industries and is passionate about creating safe workplaces and Communities under DEI
principles. Her Why is building more psychologically safe organizations and Cultures to
support the people and processes within organizations.

Tiffany is Co-Author of a Children’s Book, “Can a Zebra Change Its Stripes?” that teaches
children about embracing difference and uncovers the importance of acceptance and what it
means to make diversity our strength. Tiffany enjoys serving her Community and believes
that together is better. She was recently nominated and selected for a Jefferson Award.